Data Loss Prevention For SME

There are a few simple things that you can implement so that you can minimize the risk of data loss within your business.

1. Make Sure servers locked away and are well ventilated and cooled below 22 Celcius.

2. Have onsite redundancy such as a raid array.

3. Have a maintenance plan with your local IT company.. or inhouse.

4. The critical one – Offsite back up. Either a cloud back up solution or tape/hdd taken offsite each day.

If you need assistance contact your local IT or Data Recovery Specialist

Cheap Data Recovery Prices

Data Recovery Prices

At Complete Data Recovery we can help you with most data loss issues.

Have you lost your data, What to do?

When you have got important data on any media type and you cannot access your important files best practice is to immediately stop using the media. Writing to your hard drive or powering on disk/drive can do further damage or can impair data recovery drastically. Call us on 0407 964 478.